Robson and Francis Rewind armatures, feild coils, motors

Welcome to Robson & Francis Rewinds website

We are a UK based Rewind Company. Unlike other companies we actually rewind armatures, we rewind field coils & we re-condition electric motors.

We are specialists in electric motor repairs and electric motor rewinds. We have many years of experience in all aspects of electrical windings from small Solenoid coils, DC drive motors and pumps to large AC Motors, both Single Phase motors and 3 Phase motors. Our range of products include all aspects of automotive starter motors, car alternators and 6v dynamos through to larger DC traction motors, 12v 110v 240v and 415v, motors, pumps and generators.
We rewind and repair products as diverse as Rolls Royce dynamos, jet ski and motorbike starter motors right up to hydraulic pump motors, Industrial Food Mixers and Ventilation fans.

Motors are considered to be throw-away these days, but not by us.

Parts that most repairers consider beyond repair can be re-built, and brought back to original specification. If it’s not economic to repair we stock and have access to new units we know sometimes you just can’t wait.

Remember we actually make the parts most companies send away for!